A Summer in Savannah: Part 1

Welcome aboard! 

The CCCS of Savannah welcomed Isabelle Kingsley as a Financial and Communication Support intern to our offices earlier this summer. Her internship is continuing CCCS’s partnership with the Sheperd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty (SHECP, pronounced “shep”) for a second year.

SHECP is a nonprofit promoting poverty studies programs in undergraduate and professional schools. SHECP integrates poverty-related course-work and community engagement opportunities during the academic year. Also, SHECP helps connect students with summer internships. Isabelle will spend eight weeks with CCCS supporting both the Education and Operations departments during her time. 

A Summer in Savannah: Part 1

Here’s what she said about her first week in Savannah with CCCS: 

“The first thing I learned when I arrived at the office on my first day, as the 2018 SHECP intern, was CCCS provides top-notch air conditioning. This was a relief because as I traveled from northern Vermont to southern Georgia, I anticipated the heat would be a shock. This wasn’t the only sense of relief I felt on my first day. The CCCS staff was welcoming and eager to teach me everything I needed to know to be successful this summer.”

“My first two days consisted of learning the basics behind the front desk operations. I am still nervous each time the phone rings but Katie and Cindy are there to answer any questions I have. I am excited to be working with Gabby, the AmeriCorps VISTA and Prosperity Now on the Smart Growth Innovation Program 1.0. I’ve been taking notes, recording, and transcribing interviews that we will analyze for further research.”

Isabelle started her internship with CCCS at a busy but exciting time. Notably, CCCS continues its relationship with Horizons Savannah by presenting eight financial education classes to 55 middle school students over the span of one month. In fact, Isabelle will help facilitate classes along with Richard Reeve and Gabby Abbott during her summer in Savannah. 

“Working with kids has always been a passion of mine, so facilitating financial education classes for Horizons Savannah has been a treat. On Friday, we played financial football and I looked to the middle schoolers for the right answer. I’ve learned the importance of teaching financial education to elementary students. It’s important to educate them because it gives them time to establish good habits and plan for their future.”

To help Isabelle better understand poverty in Savannah and the clientele CCCS serves, she will spend time at the beginning of her internship sitting in on counseling sessions with CCCS counselors. Here’s what Isabelle had to say about one of these sessions: 

“I had the opportunity to sit in on counseling sessions with Kathryn, Financial Capability Coordinator. The first session I observed was budget counseling for a young couple about to start college in the fall. This session was beneficial for me in a number of ways. First, I could apply everything in the session to my own life since I am only a couple years older than the recently graduated high schoolers. Second, I learned how CCCS helps their clients and all the work done within seventy-five minutes.

During my first week with CCCS, I learned new professional skills like greeting clients in financial distress over the phone. I’ve also learned the importance of budgeting and saving at a young age. I am looking forward to what the rest of the summer holds.”

The CCCS is looking forward to having Isabelle contribute to the agency’s mission. Also, the CCCS hopes to learn about the ways we can combat and address poverty on a local level during her summer in Savannah.